Dr. Calzada, fundador de Aldo-Union
Dr. José María Calzada, Pharm.D and founder of ALDO-UNIÓN.


Aldo-Unión manufactures and commercialises with its own salespeople network, a wide range of medicinal products, both of its own and under license.

Due to its wide range of products for the treatment of asthma, Aldo-Unión has a privileged and leading position in the manufacture of aerosols/inhalers. This facilitates their successful commercialization in more than 50 countries.

On the world-wide level, Aldo-Unión, has experienced a very quick growth and expansion through an extensive network of collaborating companies all over the world. In this first decade of the 21st century the company continues immersed in this world-wide expansion process.



The Pharmaceutical Company Aldo-Union is a familiar company devoted, ever since its foundation, to the development and production of drug products that contribute to the improvement of health and quality of life of people.

After several decades our motto is still “Committed to health”.



  • Wide range of anti-asthmatic preparations.
  • The best knowledge of aerosols/inhalers.
  • A careful and committed service in the delivery.
  • Flexibility with the different markets/collaborators.
  • A loyal and experienced team, trained in the company.

Our proficiency in the formulation technique for aerosols for inhalation has made it possible to substitute the old CFC propellants for liquefied gases that do not deplete the ozone layer and that constitute the foundations for the development and the manufacture of new drug products in the form of conventional aerosol. The company has invested, in the last years, more than 5 million euros in the purchase of the most advanced technology in the field of the manufacture and control of inhalers.

In order to guarantee the expansion and manufacturing capacity of the Company, more than 15 million euros have been recently invested in the purchase of adjacent sites that will make it possible to enlarge the activity in 25000 m2, an area that is twice the currently available area.