Dr. Calzada, fundador de Aldo-Uni+¦n
Dr. José María Calzada, Pharm.D and founder of ALDO-UNIÓN.

Aldo-Union, was founded as pharmaceutical laboratory in 1961 by Mr. José Mª Calzada Badía, Doctor of Pharmacy.

Its first manufacturing site for aerosols for inhalation was installed In 1964, being the first company to launch to the market a preparation of these characteristics, Aldo-Asma. Since then and to date, the evolution of Aldo-Union in R&D has been constant.

Especially in its range of aerosols, being one of the laboratories with the greatest number of preparations for inhalation in the world.

Aldo-Union was also the first company in the world to commercialize, as medicinal product, silver sulfadiazine in cream and in aerosol (Silvederma cream and Silvederma aerosol)

From the point of view of the research its activity has also been carried out in the synthesis of non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs, and in the development of ethic preparations commercialized in the form of syrups, tablets and nebulisers.