About Us

Aldo-Unión, pharmaceutical laboratory since 1961.
Before, now and always committed to health

What we Do

Aldo-Unión manufactures and commercialises with its own salespeople network,
a wide range of medicinal products, both of its own and under license.


Aldo-Unión, was founded as pharmaceutical laboratory in 1961 by Mr. José Calzada Badía, Doctor of Pharmacy. Its first manufacturing site for aerosols for inhalation was installed In 1964, being the first company to launch to the market a preparation of…

Our Plant

Aldo-Unión has a manufacturing site in Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona) in which the following products are manufactured, in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices: Liquids (Solutions and suspensions), Aerosols for inhalation, Topical aerosols…


Specialties produced by Aldo-Unión are subject, in regard to compliance with the approved specifications, the strictest quality controls in the pharmaceutical industry and government agencies, both national and international. We are always committed to health…

Patients Area

In Aldo-Unión we care about patients and their health, so we have an area dedicated exclusively for them.

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Aldo-Unión: we are always at the forefront of medicine